Symbol, Reference to Accreditation, Certificate and Scope

The Accreditation Symbol means that a conformity assessment body (i.e. a laboratory, inspection body or certification body) has reached a high level of competence and is in conformance with all the requirements of the applicable and internationally recognized accreditation standards.

Accredited conformity assessment bodies have to follow the regulations RAB02​ issued by the NAB-MALTA when using the symbol and when making reference to accreditation. Non-adherence to these regulations may result in suspension of accreditation.

The following are the accreditation symbols currently in use:
 Testing symbol.jpg Calibration symbol.jpg  Inspection symbol.jpg                        

The Accreditation Certificate and Scope of Accreditation

Each accredited conformity assessment body is issued with a uniquely numbered accreditation certificate and scope of accreditation. Latest copies of the scopes of accreditation are available from this section.

Important Note for Users of Accredited Conformity Assessment Bodies and of Certificates/Scopes

  • ​Accreditation DOES NOT cover the whole range of activities of a conformity assessment body. The activities covered by accreditation are listed in the SCOPE of accreditation.
  • DO NOT simply look at the Accreditation Certificate BUT look at the SCOPE OF ACCREDITATION.
  • ALWAYS ASK FOR the scope of accreditation. The Accreditation Certificate on its own does not provide enough information.
  • CONTACT US immediately when an accredited conformity assessment body does not want to provide the scope of accreditation.
  • CHECK the register of accredited bodies​​. when in doubt about the status of accreditation of a conformity assessment body.
  • If an organisation is NOT LISTED in the register of accredited bodies then it is not currently accredited.​