The Board

The Accreditation Board is a balanced representation of interested parties.

One of the main roles of the Board is to safeguard impartiality of the accreditation process. 

The Board is composed as follows:

Ing. Ruben Curmi – Chairman

Ing. Charles Brincat - Vice Chairman

Ing. Noel Micallef

Mr. Edward Xuereb

Ms. Gertrude Gatt-Lanzon

Mr. Noel Demicoli

Perit Vincent Magri

Dr. Mario Mifsud 

Mr. Christopher Farrugia

Dr. Charmaine Cherret​t

Dr. Jessica Rita Galea

Mr. Lincoln Galea 

Ing. Claudio Boffa – Secretary to the Board

​​All Board members have to meet specific competence criteria as established with the NAB-MALTA quality system and in line with the requirements of EN ISO/IEC17011:2017. They also sign an agreement in relation to confidentiality and impartiality. 

The Board operates according to an agreed terms of reference.

The functions of the Board include:

  • To act as the National Accreditation Body in Malta responsible for accreditation in accordance with the relevant ​ national, international and European standards and guides, and the applicable national, international and           European regulations
  • To act as the National Accreditation Body in Malta responsible for adopting commitments and obligations relating to accreditation arising out of any international agreement, whether bilateral, regional or multilateral
  • To take decisions on the granting, extending, reducing or withdrawing of accreditation of  conformity assessment bodies
  • To determine the general policy and objectives of the Accreditation Directorate
  • To approve, on recommendation of the Accreditation Directorate, the establishment and disbanding  of  technical committees as and when required