The Accreditation Board

The Accreditation Board is a balanced representation of organisations having either a direct or indirect interest in accreditation.

One of the main roles of the Board is to safeguard impartiality of the accreditation process. 

The Board is composed as follows:

Ing. Ruben Curmi – Chairman

Ing. Charles Brincat

Ing. Noel Micallef

Mr. Edward Xuereb

Ms. Gertrude Gatt-Lanzon

Mr. Noel Demicoli

Perit Vincent Magri

Ing. Claudio Boffa – Secretary to the Board

All Board members have to sign an agreement on their appointment. This agreement covers various aspects including confidentiality and impartiality.

The Board operates according to an agreed terms of reference.

The functions of the Board include:

  • ​To act as the National Accreditation Body in Malta responsible for accreditation in accordance with the relevant ​ national, international and European standards and guides, and the applicable national, international and           European regulations
  • To act as the National Accreditation Body in Malta responsible for adopting commitments and obligations relating to accreditation arising out of any international agreement, whether bilateral, regional or multilateral
  • To take decisions on the granting, extending, reducing or withdrawing of accreditation of  conformity assessment bodies
  • To determine the general policy and objectives of the Accreditation Directorate
  • To approve, on recommendation of the Accreditation Directorate, the establishment and disbanding  of  technical committees as and when required