Directory of Accredited Inspection bodies

Accredited Inspection Bodies -  EN ISO/IEC 17020
covered by EA MLA in testing - What is EA MLA?

Conformity Assessment Body
Inspection of lifts
Type A
Download Scope of Accreditation​​ 
NBEng. Services Limited
Inspection of lifts
Type A
S&A Quality Assurance Surveyors Ltd.
Inspection of lifts
Type A
Inspection of technical files 
Type A
Inspection​ of online gaming systems
Type A
Gree​nkar Ltd Inspection on vehicle components​ Type A  Download Scope of Accreditation ​
​108 QS ​Quality Services Ltd​​ Inspection of transportable pressure equipment ​Type A Download Scope of Accreditation ​
109 Global Lab ltd ​Inspection of online gaming systems, Inspection of gaming machines Type A Download Scope of Accreditation​
​110 Lean Lab Company Ltd trading as RiskCherry Inspection of online gaming systems​ Type A​ Download Scope of Accreditation​
​111 Solidbase Laboratory Ltd. Inspection services for construction works​ ​Type A Download Scope of Accreditation​
*The Type of Inspection Body is a measure of its independence as described in Annex A, B and C of EN ISO/IEC 17020:2012. It is not a measure of technical competence
Accredited EMAS Verifiers - EMAS EU Regulation 1221/2009
​There are no EMAS Verifiers accredited by the NAB-MALTA. For a directory of EMAS Registered Sites in Malta click here